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Shipping & Returns

We provide return and exchange service in the following three cases:
1.We made some mistakes of sending the goods, or the goods have some quality problems, you can send them back to us for no charge, as soon as we receive your return package. The product must deliver our quality control department, if there are any problems, we will send you new products or money back.
If there are problems with the product, you must contact us within 3 days, because you have them, or request will be refused restitution.
We do our best to provide customers with effective service and gain satisfaction. We have made a number of mistakes of sending the goods or the goods have some quality problems (not being damaged by human factors), and you do not want to change a new pair, but repayment. You must return the product to us. When we got the product and make sure they have non-human factors or non-resistant external damage, we will give you a refund.